Tuscan style, an oasis in the heart of Cortona

Indoor tuscan style

Tuscan style, masters, still today, one of the most beautiful and fascinating regions of the Italian peninsula, Tuscany, for many years, now, undisputed leader in world tourism. 

It ‘a place of ancient traditions, land of infinte gastronomical dishes, but we can not underestimate the importance of this region in the field of architecture and furniture that are unique in their kind.

Tuscan style of this house in Cortona, in the heart of Tuscany, shows us a tipical architecture mood of the noble houses in the countryside.

The first thing that catches the eye there, studying this house, is definitely the typical warm allure atmosphere  of old houses made of natural materials such as antique exposed beams, stone floors and a decor that recalls a rustic setting although simple, elegant and contemporary.

Just find the right balance between old and new, using antique furniture and refined, which is completed in a typical rural setting of Tuscan cottage.

But the Tuscan style, we see it especially accentuated in the kitchen, which for us Italians is certainly the most important room of the house and it deserves the greatest possible attention in the choice.

Is the room where all get together and spend a lot of time to prepare delicious meals and enjoy them for a long time with his family all around a large table. 

And as the example of this house, the chic country style is the one that best embodies the desire to have a home decor for you remember a simple style with references to the elements of nature, in particular the wood, breathing, so, a classic feeling and living.

Outdoor tuscan style

Living in the countryside, the exterior care is very important and certainly can not miss the typical large veranda with arches and stone, in which to relax and enjoy the wonderful views of the bucolic hills of Tuscany, and to enjoy a Tuscan meal in the company during the warm summer evenings.

Therefore not forget the importance of setting up the outdoor environment of the house, because nature is an important element that characterizes the whole.

So, why not, set up the garden with a gazebo, with chairs and tables in wicker or wrought iron, maybe around a beautiful swimming pool, which become ideal for relaxing moments.


How about? I inspired you for a future holiday in Tuscany? 🙂

Casale di reschio, Cortona.

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