Solidarity architecture, orphanage center for Kenya

Solidarity architecture

All of us in some way we can make us participate in joint initiatives, putting at the service of others our qualities and our talents.  There are many architects and designers, which are driven by human desire to offer their design skills, and give, therefore, a great contribution to the poorest communities of the earth, where there are huge shortages of building structures, thus becoming protagonists for solidarity architecture.
Always have a roof under which to shelter and live safely is definitely one of the primary needs for the man after the food and water.

St. Jerome center kenya


“The architecture is the starting point that will lead humanity to a better future”

                                                                                                                                         ‘Le Corbusier’


St. Jerome center

St Jerome center, is an integral architecture as implemented by the team of a study of English architecture Orkidstudio, and realized thanks to the collaboration of volunteers from the British schools.

The orphanage was built according to a typology of typical local coexistence, with great big rooms where the children have time for recreational activities and for study.


Earthbag technical

The orphanage in question is totally built using local earth extracted during excavations for the foundations of the structure.

The technique used for the construction is called earthbags, it contains a large percentage of clay packed in big bags and disposed around the structure so as to create the bearing walls.

Then they were added  the wood elements to constitute the outer coating.
The St. Jerome is a sustainable orphanage built through the efforts and the exchange of experiences that led to a project, one of a kind, participatory construction in a country to another punched poverty, Kenya.



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