Raumplan House designed by Alberto Campo Baeza

The Raumplan house, is a modern detached home located in a Spanish hilly landscape, near Madrid. It is located in a slope, thus giving a feeling of movement to the structure. Being in the hills, the raumplan house, has a clear view to the horizon from where you can see the surrounding mountain ranges and the city of Madrid down.

According to the regulations of the town  construction of the dwelling, the architects were forced to work with square plan of 12 x 12. It is articulated in four square of 6 x 6 with a helical motion which intersect on one another thus creating a double heights game.

In reference to these rules of construction, Campo Baeza summarizes his project in 2 + 2 + 2 is more than 6.

The construction scheme adopted by the architects is the Raumplan spatial diagonally. This mechanism was coined by Adolf Loos, placing a double height system. It allows you to frame, from within, the spectacular surroundings of the house.

Entering the specific Raumplan  method: the Raumplan house has a concatenation of double spirals. Each of the two double spaces are connected by vertical displacements so as to create the space diagonal.
For example climbing bends at 90 degrees and connects with the other two. Continue to rise and transform another 90 degrees, you get a chain of spirals and diagonal spaces that go to look like a corkscrew. The  House, has been fitted with large windows. They are located throughout the house so as to flow into the light inside, at all hours of the day. In fact, Campo Baeza imagine their project as if it were a well-tuned musical instrument.

 These openings, cleverly positioned in the structure, is a tool that let excite, from the awareness of the day flowing.

The Raumplan House

Raumplan House, the interior


  Photo source: Javier Callejas


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